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Turning bold ideas into powerful businesses.

Haystack Labs is an early-stage incubator and accelerator dedicated to developing Cambodia’s tech sector through productive professional partnerships.

What we do:
  • 1. Incubate innovative ideas: build , measure, learn;
  • 2. Develop agile, creative and multi-talented teams;
  • 3. Support our startup partners. Every step of the way to success.
As an arm of The Haystack Fund, we provide the best creative talent, entrepreneurial insight and quick-to-market strategies.

It’s an honor to be involved in this stage of the history of Cambodian tech. It will be a great legacy for us. Now, it’s time to consolidate and prepare for the post-COVID era.


Investors, Mentors and Confidantes for New Entrepreneurs

Haystack Labs is an experienced, multinational team of strategists, designers, writers, marketers, UI/UX experts, investors, social media wizards and more...

Our skills and experience work for you!

One of our top goals is to create positive change in the post-COVID environment. We must all stay agile in these tough times. We can help.

Haystack Labs is your bridge... uniquely skilled experts, such as tech gurus and copywriters who adhere to the highest global standards, as well as veteran entrepreneurs and investors with decades of success in the startup ecosystem.

Haystack Labs provides sustainable and innovative solutions that meet international demand.

David Said, CEO

We want to be the mentors and investors we wish we had when we started out.

All companies struggle. We know, we’ve been there. If you’re facing any of these scenarios, Haystack Labs can help:
  1. You have a great business idea, but you’re new to all this;
  2. You want to make changes, but first need an impartial evaluation of your company;
  3. You’re launching a new brand or company
  4. You want to learn how to navigate the digital realm
  5. You’d love to share your idea and see if it might just work;
  6. You need talented people to help your company reach its potential;
  7. You need all those things and more on a tight deadline

And if you’re just starting out:

Haystack Labs will help you shape the culture

of your business. We got you.

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A startup incubator and a digital studio in Cambodia backed by investors who aren’t afraid to experiment. We intend to be like scientists who experiment until they get it right, so put on your coat and love the process.


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We invest in bold ideas, agile entrepreneurs and existing companies aiming to improve. Does that sound like you? Contact us today.


We have technical experts, creative dynamos, veteran investors and established entrepreneurs to guide you through the startup process.


We’ll help you all along the way — from concept to development to market. We will improve the journey for everyone involved in your business, including your employees. That means increased sales, more savings, and better performances all around.


Our talented team can help your business with top design & technologies. Let’s Talk.


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